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NEW! Activated Phenolics Powder 150G

NEW! Activated Phenolics Powder 150G

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Great-tasting Activated Phenolics powder contains 8 powerful phenolic antioxidants. These antioxidants supplement the health-giving phenolic antioxidants that come from eating fruit and vegetables.

How Might Activated Phenolics Help Me?

Activated Phenolics may help:

  • Protect against cellular damage
  • Digestive health and hydration
  • Support the immune system
  • Fight inflammation
  • Increase overall vitality and wellbeing
  • Reinforce intestinal health
  • Resist the impacts of environmental pollution

How Does Activated Phenolics Work?

All-natural Activated Phenolics' antioxidant power comes only from apples, fabled throughout history for their healthy qualities.

Phenolic antioxidants are antioxidants that often provide stronger cellular protection than other molecules when fighting free radicals. Free radical molecules can damage your cells. Damaged cells may lead to disease or signs of aging. (1)(2)

Antioxidants that supply this stronger protection include the phenolic antioxidants in apples, which are the basis for Activated Phenolics. 

Why Are Activated Phenolics Better Than Some Other Supplements? 

Almost all other antioxidant supplements are made with chemicals. Activated Phenolics, however, extracts apple antioxidants with a patented, water-based process.

That means your body can use far more of Activated Phenolics' power.  Unlike many other supplements, Activated Phenolics is up to 90% bioavailable. 

Who Could Benefit From Activated Phenolics Powder?

Activated Phenolics could help support the whole family’s well-being, from schoolchildren to grandparents.

How Do I Take Activated Phenolics?

Mix 1 serving of Activated Phenolics with juice, shakes, teas, coffee, water, or any other drink. Add it to cooked food for a wonderful apple flavour.

What Can I Cook with Activated Phenolics?

Desserts, main courses, condiments, vegetables--just about anything tastes better with a helping of Activated Phenolics in the mix. You can also replace part of the white sugar ingredient in many recipes with Activated Phenolics.

Check out our recipes page "Cook with AP!" for ideas. We put a new recipe up every few days. 

What Else Should I Know?

Activated Phenolics is vegan, gluten free, low sodium, dairy free, and with a low GI. No added sugar, no synthetics.

Less than 20 calories a serving.

Australian apples are the only active ingredient in Activated Phenolics. These are Certified Activated Phenolics made by Renovatio in Australia. 280 grams.

How Do I Store Activated Phenolics?

Store Activated Phenolics powder in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. If your location is humid, store your Activated Phenolics in the refrigerator after opening.

This product is not offered as a medication and is not offered as a treatment or cure for any disease or other ailment. The information provided is not a replacement for medical advice from health professionals. Those with health concerns should always consult and seek advice from their health professionals.


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