Activated Phenolics FAQ

Put simply, what are phenolic antioxidants?

Phenolic antioxidants are ‘ultra’ antioxidants. They have a number of key features:

  1. They are more ‘bio-available’ than regular antioxidants – you will absorb 90% of the antioxidant value vs around 5% for normal antioxidants
  2. They will not pro-oxidate – meaning they will not become free radicals and attack your cells, as can happen with normal antioxidants
  3. They are broad spectrum and single source – meaning they all work together to help your body neutralise the broadest range of free radicals

Put simply, what is Activated Phenolics?

Activated Phenolics means that our technology has been applied to 100% naturally extract the phenolic antioxidants safely and concentrate them into a form that your body can absorb.

What will phenolic antioxidants do inside my body?

Phenolic antioxidants are extremely effective at neutralising free-radical molecules in your body.

Free-radical molecules are like pollutants in your body that steal electrons from your healthy cells. When they steal an electron they cause your cells to become unstable. Free-radicals actually damage a cell’s DNA. This will lead to cellular inflammation which can result in degenerative diseases, immunity issues and general poor health.

Phenolic antioxidants work by giving their electrons to free-radicals to stop the free-radical molecules from attacking your healthy cells.

What about other antioxidants from food?

Your body is very inefficient at extracting antioxidants from food or typical supplements. Also normal antioxidants can actually become unstable in your body while attempting to stop free-radicals attacking your healthy cells. The breakthrough with phenolic antioxidants is that they are much more potent and remain stable. Phenolic antioxidants are easily absorbed by your body and won’t become free radical molecules.

Where do free radicals come from?

You are exposed to free radical molecules all the time. We take in more free radicals than we did in the past because of pollution in the air we breathe and unhealthy diets. This means we need more antioxidants in our diet and phenolic antioxidants are the most potent and most easily absorbed and used by your body.

Is there any other company that makes real phenolic antioxidant products?

No. This was a major breakthrough in antioxidant science. Activated Phenolics is a proprietary compound developed at the University of Newcastle, Australia. There is nothing like it available anywhere else in the world. This is because the technology to extract dietary phenolic antioxidants without using chemical solvents (like ethanol or methanol) has not existed until now.

The invention is subject to patents. We can confidently say that anyone else claiming to have phenolic antioxidant products will be misleading you. Worse still they may be using chemicals to extract and measure the phenolic content to support their claims.

Please look for the ‘Certified Activated Phenolics‘ symbol on any product you buy to make sure the product has been tested at the university and you are getting real phenolic antioxidants.

If I eat fruit and vegetables will I get phenolic antioxidants naturally?

It is true that most fruit and vegetables will contain phenolics. But these won’t be absorbed by your body and will generally pass through. The technology invented at the University was all about extracting and concentrating the phenolic antioxidants 100% naturally and 100% safely (without chemicals) and in a way that makes them easily absorbed by your body.

Please look for the ‘Certified Activated Phenolics‘ symbol on any product you buy to make sure the product has been tested at the university and you are getting real phenolic antioxidants.

Is apples the only active ingredient?

Yes. The only active ingredient in our Activated Phenolics is apples. Nothing else. This is because out of the approximately 1,755 edible fruits in the world, apples have the highest concentration and broadest variety of phenolic antioxidants – basically apples have more of these ‘ultra’ antioxidants than anything else.

What does it taste like?

Activated Phenolics is 100% apples. So it tastes slightly sweet and has a light natural apple flavour. Basically, everyone really likes the taste.

Will Activated Phenolics work for me?

Try it. We find people are actually surprised by the fast results it gets. Importantly, if you are really happy with Activated Phenolics please share your story on social media or tell your friends. By doing this you will be supporting an Australian invention, ongoing university research as well as Australian apple growers.

How do I take the Activated Phenolics?

You can take Activated Phenolics in tablet form if that is easy and convenient for you. Otherwise, the powder is very versatile, tastes great and can be taken by itself, in water or in your favorite hot or cold health drink. The powder can also sprinkled on hot or cold food.

My Activated Phenolic powder is clumping a bit?

The Activated Phenolic powder is extremely hygroscopic (which means it is very dry), in fact it is more than 15-times dryer than flour. This also means that it will absorb moisture from the atmosphere very easily and may form clumps over time. There is nothing wrong with the powder if it is clumping, the phenolic content is not affected and it is still just as good to take.

To minimise clumping it is important to store the Activated Phenolics powder in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Also make sure you replace/seal the lid after use. If your place is humid, you can store your Activated Phenolics in the fridge after opening.

Is the product organic?

In making Activated Phenolics, up to 80% of the apples are organic. However, at this stage the supply of organic apples is not large enough so we have to use regular orchard apples. We hope we can use 100% organic apples in the future.

We do test our Activated Phenolic products for pesticide residue and heavy metals to make sure our products have no traces of these.

Can the product be added to food?

Activated Phenolic powder can be added to anything. If you add it to food or drink, it instantly makes that food or drink a true superfood, full of ‘ultra’ antioxidants that your body can absorb.

Are there any side effects?

No. If you are allergic to apples you should consult your doctor prior to consuming.

Where can I buy Activated Phenolics?

Online, through our website. Shipping is free and the transactions are handled securely. Our product range is also available in store. We hope to be in more stores and if you would like to see your local shop stock Activated Phenolics, please encourage them to do so.

Where is Activated Phenolics shipped to and is it free?

We can send Activated Phenolics products anywhere in the world. Shipping within Singapore is free. Please contact us if you need international shipping.